This site is a portal for the purpose of publishing experimental services and contents related to CiNii and the NII RDC.

Dump Data Download

This is a dump of all CiNii Research data, graphed in RDF/XML format,
illustrating the relationships among papers, research data, research institutions and related entities.
If you wish to use this service, please refer to the information here and contact us.

Please refer to the data format specifications here

Image of Research Outputs Research
The data includes information on the creator and organization of research outputs, as well as the date of creation and publication, etc. (106GB)
Image of Research Project Research
The data includes information on the research project, such as the name of the representative, the name of the affiliated institution, the name of the grant program, related papers, etc. (3GB)

These data include data from databases provided by various institutions.
Please check the licence with the copyright holder of each database before use.
For the copyright holder of each database, please refer to the list on CiNii Research here